Join us at the 2024 Public Science Expo for fun and engaging hands-on learning opportunities for everyone.

The free public expo on April 27 at The Durham Museum will be held from 9am to noon.

Become a vendor

If you are interested in being a vendor at the public expo, sign up now.

A few things to consider:

  • Decide what you’ll offer. Consider an activity or demonstration that is unique, dramatic, unusual, and that really showcases science.
  • Is the activity appropriate for families and people of all ages?
  • Is your activity “kid-friendly” and “hands-on?” Are there special logistical considerations? Safety concerns?
  • Will you need electricity or special equipment?
  • Who will staff the booth? (please keep in mind the booth must be staffed at all times)
  • There is no charge for the booth but materials are provided at your own expense.

NE SciFest Expo Box

Teachers, this one is for you! Our NE SciFest expo box is returning once again.

Since we can’t be with you in person, we’ve put together a limited amount of expo activity boxes (geared towards 2nd-4th grade) for you to do in your classroom. Three fun hands on activities and materials, plus a fourth virtual activity by our friends at EXCEL UNMC, will be provided for up to 25 students. For our Homeschool teachers, your boxes have activities for up to 6 students.

Some NE SciFest swag is also included in the box to use as giveaways or prizes.

If your class is interested, please email nescifest@gmail.com to reserve your box.

Pick-up, delivery or mailing (to those not in the Omaha area) will be the week of April 15. First come, first served.